Parents Role

Our school engages and partners with parents in inculcating shared values to our pupils and your children. This can only be achieved if we work within a common framework of understanding and cooperation.

1. Parents and guardians are requested to cooperate with the school authorities for strictly enforcing discipline, regular attendance, completion of assignments and give adequate time to the child.

2. Parents should see that children are to be within the school campus by 8:55 am.

3. Parents are requested to send their children in clean, neat and with ironed uniform and polished shoes, failing which the students will not be allowed into the classroom.

4. The school diary is a mode of communication between the parents and the school. The diary has to be checked and signed by the parent/ guardian everyday.

5. Parents have to inform if there is any change of address or telephone numbers in writing, so that the parents can be contacted in case of emergency, this is for your child’s safety.

6. No students must leave the school during school hours unless permission is granted by the principal on a written request from the parent. In case of any emergency one of the parents / guardian has to personally pick up the child.

7. Parents are requested to inform the school management and class teacher in writing about any allergy, illness or any other health related problem of their children.

8. Parents are requested not to send medically unfit children to school till they recover fully . If students are unable to attend school owing to illness or any other emergency for a period of 3 days or more, the school has to be intimated and give written letter to the management.

9. Parents are requested to send healthy food, snacks, boiled water, vegetables etc . Napkin and spoon must be brought. Parents are not allowed to bring tiffin box or books to their wards during school hours.

10. Parents cannot meet teachers without prior appointment during class hours.

11. Possession of ID cards are compulsory to each parent who comes to pick their ward.