Daily Activities

Sensorial Activities
Interesting Montessori materials help children to learn better sensorial skills like touch, sight and sound. These skills help them gain significant knowledge about their environment.

Language Activities
The objective of the activity is to improve the vocabulary of the children. They also learn to use the spoken language to communicate better in day-to-day situations. Similarly the children are also initiated into the delights of reading and writing.

Arithmetical Activities
Basic arithmetic is essential for any child; encouraging the child to learn these skills is one of the most important activities at Young Scholars Academy - Foundational Stage. The children are taught the basic concept of numbers. All the four arithmetic operations are dealt in detail.

Human Culture
The children are introduced to the varied human cultural activities. In these activities, the children learn about the enthralling science, history and geography.

Many children possess such excellent talent for the creative arts, like painting, origami, etc; that they can be nurtured and fostered at an early age. They are allowed to express the talent in a natural and free manner.

Music is an important part of human existence. Like the creative arts, musical potential can be spotted early on and should be encouraged. Musical brilliance is something a gift at birth; every reason to find and nurture it.

Free play
Children need lots of physical activity to become fit adults. The love for physical activity lends good health and a vigorous temperament.